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The Spanish Spotted Saddle Horse

Dedicated to recreating the Spanish Jennet

Colour genetic researchers are of the opinion that the spotting gene of the Appaloosa and all other spotted breeds around the world, are traceable back to the Spanish horse. Old paintings from many centuries ago clearly show Spanish horses in a wide variety of colours, including spotted.We at Aztec Stud are aiming to recreate the spotted Spanish horse by crossing the Appaloosa back to it’s original roots. The results have been just stunning! We have produced some amazing Spanish partbreds with the benefit of a spotty coat pattern. They are proving to be extremely successful in the show ring and the competition arena alike. A breeder’s dream – a horse with looks, temperament, striking coat pattern and the ability to compete in all disciplines! We wish to point out that there is no grey gene in our Andaloosa breeding project. Appaloosas should not be put to greys because of the risk of the offspring’s colour fading (greying out). In fact all registered Appaloosa stallions have to be tested negative for grey before they can be licensed. It would be extremely disappointing for a buyer of a spotted foal to then see the spots gradually disappearing due to the greying gene.

the 18th Century painter John Wooton painted many spotted horses, including a leopard horse specifically titled "Lady Conaway's Spanish Jennet"

1spanishjennetW 1.jpg

Our Story

After nearly 25 years of breeding these horses, we have been instrumental in getting DEFRA approval for this new breed.

Below are some of the amazing Spanish Spotted Saddle Horses that we have bred, including three graded stallions

Meet Some Of Our Homebred SSSH...

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